Meet the Stewarts

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Nate Stewart

Having grown up in the church, and as someone who has struggled for most of his life with mental health issues, Nate has a unique sense of what kind of impact, (both positive and negative) that the local church body can have on the lives of those who struggle daily with their mental health. Public Speaker, Blogger, & Mental Health Advocate, Nate is passionate about helping to break the stigma that surrounds mental health and spread the message that it is not a sin to be sick and God’s love doesn’t change just because a person is living with a mental illness.  He has also been living in recovery from addiction, a result of self medicating, since February 26th, 2008.

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Sherawn Stewart

Sherawn has some unique connections to mental health struggles in that, for the most part, she has dealt most of her life with mental health struggles from the outside looking in. She grew up with multiple family members  who struggle. She also is married to someone who has struggled with his mental health for most of his life. She however did find a time where she was the one who was struggling in the form of severe Postpartum Depression.

There are very distinct challenges that a daughter/wife/mother etc., must find a way to navigate if they want to build and maintain healthy relationships. Sherawn has found that there can be reason to have hope while still facing the realities of mental health issues within the family.

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Sherawn and Nate met on Nate's 18th birthday in September of 1993. They were married in the Summer of 1999. And were blessed to have Felicia added to their family in 2003. They live in Duluth Minnesota with their dog, cat and a couple wild rabbits that found a hole under a shed.