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Mental Health Pulpit, LLC. is an independent faith based service that relies primarily on gifts to operate and offset speaking fees and cost of overhead.  As of right now we do not have non profit status. For this reason all gifts are desperately needed and appreciated, but, GIFTS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

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All of the funds genrated from shirts sold under the Mental Health Pulpit online store goes to support the mission of Mental Health Pulpit

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I have been asked on numerous occasions when I was going to be writing a book. Well that time is now. I am currently in the final stages of that book and hope to launch by the end of summer 2019! I am very excited as this has been a long time coming. Check back here to find updates on the release date.

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Mental Health Pulpit, LLC. is an independent company/ministry that relies heavily on support from people and organizations who are willing to come alongside with financial contributions. We are more interested in the message than the money, but the reality is, money is needed for us to be able to do what we are doing. 

In return for your generosity the organizations that reach the partner level will be listed as a partner on the pages of this site with links to your business or ministry. Anonymous donations can be made if you wish to as well. Contact us below for details on how to partner and be a much needed part of breaking the stigma that surrounds mental health.

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Mental Health Pulpit, LLC. is an independent  faith based service.  As of right now we have not yet completed the paperwork for our non profit status. (Ironically that takes a lot of money to do.) For this reason all GIFTS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Because of this, any documentation from Mental Health Pulpit, LLC. will be listed as "advertising" instead of "charitable donation." We are hoping to have that changed soon. In the meantime we want to be as transparent as possible.