Mental Health Conferences

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Offering mental health support from a Christian perspective is unique and sometimes hard to navigate. If you have a group from 4 to 4,000+ let us help share a message of hope and practical application. 

Leadership Training

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The time for your leaders and volunteers to be ready to offer support to people impacted by mental health struggles is before a crisis occurs. Learn ways to prepare for crisis and non-crisis situations that is customized to your local resources.  



When someone struggles with their mental health, it affects more than just that person, it impacts their spouse as well.

Nate and Sherawn share their story of hope that has come from 20 years of marriage and navigating that path.


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The majority of mental health struggles begin in adolescence. By showing teens they are not alone and teaching them ways to express their thoughts & feelings we are empowering this generation with the ability to take charge of their mental health and, when needed, find the proper support for whatever they are going through. 

Church Outreach

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1 in 5 people will experience a mental health struggle this year, and one of the first places a person goes for support with their mental health is the Church.  The most powerful way to let your church body know that they are in a safe place is to express it from the pulpit. 

This isn't about treating mental illness, it's about serving and supporting those who are struggling.  


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Looking for a little bit more info but flying us to your location is cost prohibitive? We can use the power of the internet to meet many of your needs through video conferencing. To request an appointment and inquire about pricing click on the "Contact us here" tab below.


A major part of our mission is to help inform and equip through in person speaking/teaching. We offer services that range from small meetings to large conferences, schools and businesses, church services to couples retreats. If you have a location we have a message. 

Before requesting information about our services we recommend downloading and reading through the file below. This will help you be ready for some of the questions we may ask that ensure you are getting exactly what you are looking for from us.